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backslash olaf laptop and desktop

BackSlash Linux Olaf

BackSlash Linux Olaf running the flagship BackSlash Shell, gives you all the essential features you need from your computer in a fast, secure and easy to use package. Whether you're browsing the web, working on office documents or chatting with your friends, you can count on BackSlash Linux Olaf for a smooth desktop experience.


What's behind the name?

Learn what's behind the code names of BackSlash Linux and what will the future versions be called!

Features in BackSlash Linux Olaf

backslash shell

BackSlash Shell - A very Powerful desktop.


Inbuilt Virus Scanner for great security.


Large collection of Apps and Games.

windows apps

Compatible with 24,000+ Windows apps and games.


Pre-installed useful accessories and utilities.


Pre-installed WPS Office Suite.

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